The Joker: Moviegoing in Malaga


On Friday, October 12, I went to see the Joker in theaters with my friend Isaac. This is the story, along with a few lessons I learned about moviegoing in Malaga, and a small review of the movie.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker


I had seen that there was a 5:45 PM movie time, perfect for us to go to. So at 5:00, we both left, Isaac by bus and I walked. We got up to the machine to order tickets and noticed that it said the movie was in Spanish and that the only time for the movie in English was at 9 unless we went to the theater in Plaza Mayor and saw it at 7. We took the train to Plaza Mayor and got our tickets. Yelmo Cines is now my personal recommendation because the tickets were basically free compared to AMC in the states. Two tickets cost less than the equivalent of $17.50. Food was still fairly expensive, but compared to the states, it was still cheaper.

Joker: A Movie Revies

The Joker has gained a lot of attention, both positive and negative. For one there is the hype. A lot of people say Phoenix’s acting is Oscar worthy. While it is excellent, I don’t know about Oscar worthy. The movie itself was very good, but very much overhyped. The negative attention has all been about how it could inspire mass shootings or violence in general. In my opinion, this movie could not possibly cause or inspire violence in anyone who would not do it anyway.

Overall I would rate the movie 4.5/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who likes DC movies/comics.

Lessons Learned

  • When watching a movie in Spain make sure it says “VOSE” (Version Originale Subtitles Español) or else it will be in Spanish
  • Subtitles can help you learn a lot about Spanish, but it is better to know a little bit of Spanish first


Joker was a very good movie, though a little overhyped, and Yelmo Cines is a very good movie theater to watch it, or another movie, in.

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