Instituto Picasso: A Review


I signed up for Spanish lessons at the Instituto Picasso in Malaga. For two weeks I took classes on Mon-Fri that were each 4 hours a day (10 AM – 2 PM). I started on October 7, and I finished on October 18.

Group Classes

The group class I signed up was for two weeks and was VERY intensive. For two weeks I had class 5 days a week for 4 hours a day, but at the end I learned a lot of Spanish. Besides the actual learning of the language I gained a lot of interesting knowledge. I met people from all over the world, including Germany, Ireland, Denmark and Iceland to name a few, and gained some interesting perspective on many topics. You also learn from many teachers (I talked to almost 10 different professors) which allows you to practice speaking to more than one person. Overall, while intensive, I found the experience of the group lessons to be amazing!


While I never had a one on one tutor at Instituto Picasso, my mother did, and she has told me a lot about her experience. There is more flexibility with tutoring because you are not bound by the 4 hour a day schedule that the classes are. While my mother did one-hour-a-day lessons, they have more options. The only real issue, in my opinion, is that there is less organization with tutoring. My mom ended up having 4 hour-and-15-minute sessions instead of the 5 1-hour-long sessions she was supposed to have. I definitely recommend that you do group lessons instead, but if you end up opting for a tutor, please request Jorge.


My two-week experience at Instituto Picasso was nothing short of amazing and I will definitely be signing up again! I met many amazing people, both classmates and professors, and even made a few friends. I recommend group classes over tutoring, however both will teach you a lot about the Spanish language and culture! If you would like, you can learn more at !

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