Volleyball in Malaga


When I first came to Malaga, I wanted to find a group I could meet with weekly where they spoke English and Spanish (so I could communicate and learn), and where I could be active. I searched for basketball and American football on Meetup (highly recommend you download this app if you travel a lot) and found nothing, but, almost accidentally, I stumbled upon this group called “The Coolest People in Malaga” which is basically a club for people from all over the world. I have met a lot of Spaniards (obviously), some Americans, Europeans and even a few people from the Middle East and Africa.


When I first started going to volleyball, the only interest I ever had in Volleyball was if a girl I was dating played. While volleyball is not my favorite sport, it checked all my boxes, so I went. It is 45 minutes walking from my apartment so the first time I went I thought I would probably never go again, but I enjoyed the games so much that I decided it was worth it. The long walk from Centro can actually be a plus. I view it as my alone time and a time to think and reflect.


As I said in the intro, the people you meet at the games have very diverse backgrounds, so it is a very culturally educating experience. A lot of the people speak Spanish (in fact, I have met maybe three people there that do not speak Spanish and have met more that do not speak English) so it is a good way to learn some words. I myself am not a particularly good volleyball player, so it is nice that most of the people are not too competitive and are very understanding. So far, I have not met a single person that I do not like, and I find just about all the people very interesting!


If you are ever in Malaga, you must join this group at http://meetu.ps/e/.qdlpmrybccbqb/Lx2h5/a and go to the volleyball games! They have other events as well if you are interested.

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