My mom had been to Cordoba a few months ago and believed that it was an important place to visit. We went there on Monday the 24th with one of her friends who was visiting.

Train Ride

I am not sure that there are a whole lot of options aside from Renfe for this trip, but the train rides both ways were nice and, even if there are other options I would recommend Renfe.


The Mezquita in Cordoba is beautiful. Once a cathedral-mosque, it became a mosque in 784 AD and then a cathedral again and is now a cathedral-museum. It is truly breathtaking and was the highlight of my visit.

Castle Past the Roman Bridge

Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact name of the castle turned museum that I went to, but if you find the roman bridge you will find it. The former castle is one of the few museums I have enjoyed (I am not a big museum person). Inside, I learned a lot about Spanish culture and Arab culture. As an Arab-American, an opportunity to learn about Arab culture always excites me. My favorite part was probably the top of the castle, which has a beautiful view. 10/10 would recommend.


I loved my first trip to Cordoba. If you can go to the Castle and Mezquita, you should!

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